How to become stronger?

Many people want to become stronger and want to get  there fast! But it’s usually not as fast and easy as you think to get stronger. The key to become stronger is to find exercises you think is fun in the long run. Try to find challenges or programs you find interesting and want to follow. When you notice that you get the results of your training it will be easier to continue and you will be able to train even more.


  1. Find a workout partner

    It is much easier to get strong when you have a training partner who pushes you. But it comes to finding the right training partner. You should give priority to training the same way and be able to lift and give each other the energy to become stronger. Two strong people not only have fun together but also become stronger together. You can also find a lot of exercises that not only makes you stronger, it also means that you have fun along the way !

What can you do together with your workout buddy?  Look here ->

  1. Find a challenge

Find a challenge you think is fun. With all the challenges you can see in social media , it's easy to find challenges on both YouTube or instagram . But it also can be a challenge to follow an exercise program on this page . The Squat Challenge E - books are a great milestone that you should try, they have varieties for six packs, squats, full body challenges, meal plans etc. You can get pretty strong if you follow them step by step with attention and care.  Click here to visit their website.

  1. Hard work 

Nothing comes for free . You will not be stronger the way you always done. You must dare to challenge yourself more and more. Dare to take heavy weights. Dare to go outside your comfort zone because that's where you grow and become stronger. What dare to become stronger?

Check the video below:


  1. Have a vision

How strong do you want to be ? How will it feel when you become so strong ? Have a vision but also some milestones on the road. When you reach a milestone , you might buy a new pair of training shoes , go to the spa to celebrate or something similar . This will make you focus on your goals and do what is necessary even if you do not always feel like it.


What can you do today to get stronger ? Write down three things and remember that slow progress is better than no progress!

Article by: Fanny Josefine

This article was made possible by The Squat Challenge team. 

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