7 Tips for a Better Workout

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Many people want to achieve a better body and mental condition by working out. Nowadays there are a lot of gyms and boot camp class available to help you get better with your exercise. Most of the people feel that they do not get the best result even when they are working out. Some of the reasons are that they are easily fatigued or do not have enough motivation so they just workout without getting the physical and emotional result from the exercises. Next time you hit the gym, you can do these tricks to help you get better work out.

1. Have caffeine before. A study shows that caffeine can increase your stamina, speed, and strength so you can do your best during your sessions. About 8 to 12 ounces with 179 milligrams of caffeine can help your body to workout more efficiently.

2. Drink a bottle of water or juice on your way to the gym. You know that dehydration cause fatigue and you will not get as much out of your workout. You should bring along a bottle of water when you are working out, so during your session, if you are thirsty, you can drink to keep your energy levels up.

3. Warm up. Proper warming up is the most important thing to start working out. Warming up can maximize your performance and help you to get ready with you session.

4. Get a workout buddy. Working out with friends can help you to stay motivated. People who workout with their friends perform better than those who workout alone, study shows. If you cannot find a workout buddy, you can join a fitness class.

5. Workout at your best time. You surely do not want to exercise when you are not in your best condition. Research shows that morning is the best time to do some exercise since, in the morning, the human body is in peak condition. However, if you feel that dawn probably your best time, just go for it. Knowing the time of your best body condition can help you to maximize your burning calories.

6. Multitask. Instead of standing there doing bicep curls, you add a squat or lunge for total body movements. By doing compound moves, you can get more effective and intensive workout. Or in other words, you will squeeze in more exercise in less time.

7. Listen to your favorite playlist. Research suggested that music may physiologically prep your body for the next exercise level. Moreover, it may help to keep you motivated rather than dull exercise without some music.

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