Effective Weight Loss In A Month

Loosing weight in a months time can be a dream for many. However, the key is to lose weight the healthy way and not suffer from hunger cramps in between. Exercise only what your body can accept, too much of it can be harmful. Don’t starve yourself, starving will mean you are depriving your body of some healthy nutrients. So read on for some tips, which will help you lose weight effectively in just a month:

Whenever possible grab the in season foods, instead of the stored off season ones. They ensure that you get a powerhouse of nutrients in your body and keep you going for long. Also, give up the calorie rich drinks like the sodas and shakes. Instead, choose drinks without sugar. Get going on water, tea and coffee. The secret to feel more content while eating is to eat with actual plate and silverware and not in the carry away boxes! Try it, it really works.

Here are some quick and easy recipes, that will keep you going for long without adding much calories into your body:

I. Blueberry cooler: This can be ideal for your breakfast. Churn up some blueberries, low fat milk, pineapple and honey. Pour it in a glass and indulge your taste buds into it. You can add some vanilla extract to it to make it yummier.

II. Oats: Are again a good to go breakfast. Cook them in some hot milk, add some chopped fruits and delve into it. A good nutritious breakfast is ready in a jiffy. This also keeps you going for long during the day!

III. A good lunch can be an egg sandwich. Make an omelette with one egg using olive oil. Spice it up with cayenne pepper if you love spicy food. Sprinkle some salt over it. Place it between the slices of whole wheat bread and add some veggies to it like a leaf of lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes and any other veggie you may prefer. A perfect diet lunch is ready.

IV. Toss some boiled whole wheat pasta in olive oil and some herbs. Once done, add some veggies of your choice like broccoli, zucchini, bell peppers and others you may prefer. Add some more of olive oil and a dash of crushed oregano for the perfect taste. You may add some low fat sauce of your choice if you wish. This can be a perfect light dinner for you!

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