How to stay motivated?


Transforming your body isn’t a process which can be achieved in a few days, you need to work hard, eat well and most important: stay motivated! Motivation starts to go down after one or two weeks, but what are the secrets that keep people motivated longer than one or two weeks or how to stay motivated in a long term? Let’s have a look at some amazing tips and reveal the secrets.

  1. Record your progress

To stay motivated longer than just a few weeks you need to record your progress. Recording your progress will help you notice that your efforts are being rewarded. Take pictures of your body, record videos or weight yourself weekly.Take pictures of yourself and put them on the wall and you can update them every week, so you'll be able to see the amazing changes of our efficient exercises and healthy meal plans can make!

  1. Take part in a transformation challenge

There many challenges and contests going on each month, which would definitely help you in your journey. Although the cash prize certainly doesn't hurt, signing up for a challenge will surround you with other people looking to make positive changes in their body. Having a strong community can help increase your own excitement for the process. The more support you have, the more likely it is you'll stay motivated and never give up! If there are no groups in your area, try an online community.( Like The Squat Challenge )

  1. Set daily goals.

Setting short-term and long-term goals are very important, especially if you have just started your fitness journey. If you need a small extra motivation try to set daily goals, When you wake up each morning, set an objective to achieve, and write it down. Your goal can be anything you want, it's something you can achieve that day. You can try to add 8 pounds to your last set of bench press, do one more rep on your squats, or spend 15 more minutes doing cardio. By setting a goal you give each day of your workout a purpose, and believe what you write so you will definitely achieve it.

  1. Find a workout body

Working out with someone else is much more fun. Try to find a workout partner who has similar goals as yours, so you won’t disturb each other but be there and help your partner or friend when needed, and of course you will work harder because you want to achieve your goals.

  1. Write a journal

Writing a journal is one of the best ways to track your progress and stay motivated as well. You can write what kind of workouts you did and what foods you ate as well, at the end o the day you will be so proud of yourself to see that you didn't eat any candy that day!

  1. Reward and remind yourself

After you achieve a goal or completed your whole workout, it is time to reward yourself, it can be a cheat meal during the week.Constantly remind yourself how you want your body to become, and that you are working hard on it. Remember why you started your fitness plan and think about your big goal.


In conclusion, you are not the only one who is struggling with motivation, and you are not the only one in this journey, so let's all of us support each other and accomplish our goals.So keep pushing,work hard and stay humble!

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