Start Getting Ready for Summer

Who does not want a perfect bikini body? It’s a dream for every girl! The bulges showing out of the bikini, don’t look good and are a big turn off! However, not anymore, we have some nice and brilliant moves that will get you in shape for the bikini you have been dying to wear for a long long time. Read on for awesome stuff, to get the body you always wanted:

1. The first thing that you would have to do is decide where you want to lose weight or tone up. Check yourself in the mirror carefully and ask yourself the following questions: Which area of my body needs to be worked on? Do I need to lose weight or just tone up? If I need to lose weight, then how much? These questions will help you determine your goal and make the task easier for you.

2. Weigh and measure yourself. This helps you keep track of your progress. Keep taking your measurements regularly so that you know how much you have progressed and which areas still need your attention and need to be worked on.

3. A good idea would be to invest in the bikini of your dreams and keep it at a place where you can look at it daily. This gives you the motivation to get into it daily and this keeps you going. There can be days where you would just want to give up, on those days this can be the biggest motivator!

4. Eat healthily and lessen your intake of calories. Give up on junk food completely. Exercising alone cannot help you lose weight, diet is an important part of it too. So keep a strict check on what you eat. Green veggies and lots of fruits should be a major part of your diet. Also, add lean protein to your diet, like turkey, chicken, fish, tofu, eggs and sprouts.

5. As you are exercising, you need to stay hydrated too. However, make sure you do not indulge in sugary drinks. The best idea would be to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. This is the best way to stay hydrated all day long.

6. Indulge in a good amount of exercise daily, you need a minimum 30 – 40 minutes of Cardio thrice a week. This can include, walking, jogging, swimming, biking or hiking. Choose a Cardio that you enjoy the best, this way you would not have to make an extra effort to indulge into it.





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