Super Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight with the help of a food would be the best for anyone. These foods are a powerhouse of nutrition and keep you going without getting fatigued. So indulge in them and lose weight faster than you anticipated:

Black Beans

A powerhouse of energy, a cup of them will keep you going for long. A cup of black beans has 15 grams of protein without any saturated fat. Make a black bean humus and have it with your whole wheat bread or in between a veggie sandwich.


The food is full of fiber so a generous helping in the morning can keep you going for an entire day. Half a cup has enough resistant starch that is a healthy carbohydrate which helps in boosting your metabolism and also helps you to burn fat.


You need be scared of eating fat as long as you eat the right ones. This fruit has the right amount of fat in them to keep you going for long. Have half a fruit in a day and see the fat melt away magically from your body. The fruit is also rich in fiber and protein, so you can have them easily. Try the avocado slices with the lettuce and tomato sandwich, you sure are bound to lick your fingers!


Something that the vegetarians may not prefer. However, this is a healthier option for all the meat lovers. Increase your salmon intake as it is a better choice over the red meat. It is full of MUFA, studies have proved that people who are on the MUFA diet lose about 9 pounds faster than the others on a low calorie diet! A pan grilled salmon with a bowl of salad will keep you going for long. If you do not prefer the salad, try the pineapple salsa for an interesting twist to a regular salmon.


Not only helps you lose weight, but also helps in anti ageing. Eat a cup of blueberries and feel full with only 80 calories going inside you! Besides, you get 4 grams of fiber too inside you. Isn’t it amazing!


You can have it either cooked or raw. Both ways it shall work wonders for you. It also helps in preventing cancer. A cup of the vegetable has about 30 calories, only so it is bound to help you with your weighty issues.

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