Super Weight Loss challenge has begun!

Congrats Super Girls!

The Super Weight Loss challenge has started yesterday! Hope you are enjoying these days of the challenge, do not worry there is much more to come. 

I know, I know and everyone knows that Super Girls do not give up on the first days, so let's not even talk about that part of the challenge.

The office birthdays, hot weather and everyone asking about your weight do not help at all! But.... we got some tips to lift you up and enjoy the beautiful sunny days, dreaming of the body you want to achieve, the new clothes that you will buy and eating some Ice cream on day 60! Yeah, I know 58 days left for a big ice cream treat, but you'll see that it will be worth it!

Let's have a look at some tips now! 

1. Drink water! Sunny days, exercising, working, spending energy, all these need a lot of water. So buy a new bottle which you can carry with you and add some fruits to change the taste of water if you get bored. It also helps you lose weight. A lot of water pleasseeee!

2. Go green! Green tea, green veggies, green fruits and green clothes (right the last one sounds good as well!!) Green tea is one of the best teas you can drink during your weight loss journey, it keeps you hydrated and burns fat, of course when combined with a good diet and exercise its effect is much bigger. As for the green veggies and fruits, they are all high in vitamins and protein, two things that are compulsory while being on a weight loss diet, so make your plates colorful and let green dominate. 

3. Cook with coconut oil or olive oil! You hear and see about coconut oil everywhere, I am sure you already know about its many benefits. So, why not use it in cooking! ( while cooking you can enjoy it on your hair as well, it works well for oily hair YAY!) 

4. Cut sugar! Sorry super girl, but while being on your Super Weight Loss journey, sugar is allowed once a week only as a cheat meal, no cheat meal no sugar. No cut of sugar, no weight loss. So be thoughtful about your wishes!

5. Keep healthy food around! Keeping a handful of nuts, watermelon or other fruits will help you to eat healthy and avoid unhealthy food. Always keep something healthy around you in case you crave for something, you go for the healthy choice. 

OK Super Girl, this was it for today. Hope you had or going to have a super day today, and that you will use at least one these tips in the upcoming days of the challenge.


Your super girl!

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